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Casino without swedish license

The interest in playing at a casino without Swedish license is something that has increased at a record rate in recent years in Sweden. Many players prefer to play foreign casinos as it often means a more free and flexible gaming experience.

In this article we focus on casinos without a Swedish license and trying to find out why these casinos have become so popular among Swedes.

Casino without Swedish license

What is a casino without a Swedish license? 

A casino without Swedish license is a casino that is not licensed by the Gambling Authority in Sweden, called Spelinspektionen. All casinos that are not licensed by Spelinspektionen are not allowed to offer their services to Swedish players. Gaming companies without a Swedish license are also not allowed to promote or in any way advert their casino within Sweden. 

The regulation of gambling in Sweden 

It was on January 1st of 2019 that Sweden regulated their gambling market and introduced a new Swedish Gambling Act, which replaced the previous legislation which had been in place since 1994. 

With the new legislation in Sweden it became a law that all gambling companies that offer their services to Swedish players need to have a license from Spelinspektioenn. 

The new legislation also introduced a bunch of new measures in order to protect Swedish players when playing in casinos. This included a self-exclusion register called Spelpaus, which we will go deeper into in a bit, and obligatory game limits. The new legislation also came with a number of restrictions in terms of the size and frequency that a casino can offer bonuses to their player. 

The overall aim for the Swedish gambling legislation is to offer a more safe and secure gambling market for Swedish players.  

Casinos without Swedish license

Spelpaus on Swedish casinos 

As previously mentioned Spelpaus was established in 2019 as part of the new gambling legislation in Sweden. Spelpaus is the national register for self-exclusion of gambling in Sweden. All casinos with a Swedish license need to integrate with the Spelpaus system. 

The idea behind Spelpaus is to offer a service that makes it easy for players to instantly block themselves from all forms of gambling if needed. Even though the idea behind the system is nice there are still many Swedish players that actually do not like the introduction of Spelpaus.

A big reason why some players do not like Spelpaus is due to the fact that there is no way to cancel Spelpaus. Even if a player has activated Spelpaus by mistake and wishes to continue playing, there is no way to cancel it. Due to this, players have to choose a foregin casino in order to continue playing.  


Reasons why Swedish players choose casinos without swedish license

There are many reasons why Swedish players choose to play at casinos without swedish license. As we have mentioned earlier, the main factor is due to the fact that Swedish casinos have very strict guidelines and restrictions. By playing at a casino without Swedish license, you don’t have to take the SWedish gambling rules into considereation. 

Below we have gathered a few of the main reasons why a casino without Swedish license is preferred by many Swedish players.   

Less bonus restrictions 

While you on a Swedish casino only can claim one bonus per player and casino. There is no limit on how many bonuses can you can claim on a unlicensed casino. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of different forms of promotions. Such as cashback and VIP bonuses. Which both are not allowed in Swedish casinos. 

By choosing casinos without swedish license you can take part in plenty of bonuses. This is regardless if you wish to play with an odds bonus or a casino bonus.

A bigger game selection 

Many Swedish players prefer a casino without swedish license as they usually offer bigger game selection. This is mainly due to the fact that foreign casinos can offer games from providers that are not operating in the Swedish market. 

More casinos to choose between  

Another reason why casinos without a Swedish license have become popular is the fact that you have a bigger selection of casinos to choose between. There are plenty of casinos all around the world without the Swedish license. By looking outside the Swedish casino market you can find a bunch of exciting casinos to play on. 

Greater anonymity

In all Swedish casinos the players need to register with their personal identification number. This is something that not everybody is comfortable with. Players that value their privacy usually wish to play with greater anonymity. This is only possible if you play in a casino without swedish license.

Is it illegal to play at a casino without a Swedish license?

It is in no way illegal for a Swedish player to play at a casino without swedish license. In the Swedish law there is even a point that states that it is indeed legal for Swedes to play at online casinos that are regulated by a foreign regulator. 

It’s very important to know that the Swedish Gambling Authority, Spelinspektioenn, does not provide any protection if you choose to play at a casino without a license. 

5 ways to find a casino without Swedish license to play on

  • Visit comparison websites  
  • Read different casino reviews 
  • Join internet forums that focus on gambling 
  • Keep up to date on gambling news and new casino releases 
  • Go through toplists of the best casinos without Swedish license